TIV’s Builders Registration Program

Did you know that despite the impacts of COVID-19, a record 127,792 building permits were issued in 2021 worth $44.6 billion (as quoted by VBA)?

This is a healthy sign that the Building and Construction industry continues to grow, and there aren’t any signs that this is slowing down at all. However, the VBA continues to be concerned by the amount of tradespeople who do the wrong thing, and wants to change this trend, even to the point where .

TIV has created a Builders Registration Program which consists of the following:

  • Builders Registration – Question And Answer Session

  • Builders Registration – 12 Week Course

  • Builders Registration – 1 on 1 Consultancy

  • Builders Registration – Simulated Interview


Danny’s dream came true with the support of TIV’s Builders Registration Program

Danny Bozinovski, a qualified electrician by trade, always knew that he wanted to get into home construction but didn’t know how to go about it. He says, “I didn’t know exactly where to start, or what school to go to. Then I found out my friend went to TIV and said really good things about them, so I decided to give it a go.”

As is common with many students, Danny didn’t stop at just one course with TIV. He completed his CPC40120 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction in a traditional face-to-face classroom, and then completed his CPC50220 – Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) via a virtual classroom when Covid hit.

The TIV Experience

Danny loved the fact that TIV was local to him so there wasn’t much travelling when he needed to attend in person. He also enjoyed the classes, becoming friends with many of the other students.

But he also appreciated the quality of trainers that ran classes at TIV. He explains, “They were all knowledgeable. They knew all their stuff, based on experience as well.” Danny now counts the trainers among his friends too.  

After completing his Certificate IV and Diploma, Danny wanted to realise his dream of gaining his Builder’s Licence. Becoming a registered builder in Victoria, through the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), can be a complex process as we covered in our blog, so Danny decided to seek out TIV’s help – and they had just the program to help him.

The Builder Registration Program is a program to help students prepare for the VBA’s process. Danny credits it with helping him gain his Builder’s Licence – Unlimited. He says, “I found it very handy and very helpful because I think without it, I probably wouldn’t have been successful. It was worth the money.”

He explains that the support was twofold.

  • Firstly, TIV helped him prepare the portfolio he needed to submit to VBA. “I would have had no idea how they wanted it if I didn’t have the sort of run sheet that TIV gave me.”
  • Secondly, and most importantly, TIV helped Danny prepare for the VBA interview through a simulated interview model with a local registered builder. Danny says, “I think that was the key component that actually got me my licence because he pretty much interviewed me like he was on the (VBA) board. He straight out asked me all the uncomfortable questions – everything I need to know as a builder. So he put me on the spot. It was good. It really got me ready for what I needed to know when I went for the actual interview. That was unbelievable. I would do it again.”

With TIV’s help, Danny has realised his dream and is now the proud owner of two construction companies.

Danny’s Future

Now that Danny has his Builder’s Licence, he has started setting up his own construction business to run alongside his 8 year old electrical company. He has registered the business – DBG Homes – and is making final preparations to begin his first projects in a couple of month’s time.

With TIV’s help, Danny has realised his dream and is now the proud owner of two construction companies.

To learn more about TIV Builders Registration Program click here.

If you want to become a registered builder, please get in touch so TIV can help you achieve success.


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