TIV Update – October

It’s been a very eventful year for TIV so far.

  1. Training

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a major challenge for us all, both professionally and personally.

Its most immediate impact was to find alternative training delivery systems for all of our classroom based training.  So we pivoted to a ‘virtual classroom’ model whereby students could continue (or begin) their courses off site – most typically by participating from home.

Like all new developments, we had to learn as we went along. But with Peter Giannopoulos and the Student Support Team, and our team of Trainers driving the changes, we were able to quickly settle in to an effective delivery program that has continued to grow in capability.

Most importantly, our students have taken to it with enthusiasm.  Participation rates are up as are course completions.

But we understand that it is not a model that suits everyone.  Those who wish only to undertake a classroom based version have taken up the option of waiting until the COVID restrictions are eased and then continue (or begin) their training then. This cohort represents about 20% of Certificate IV and Diploma students.

For our Carpentry students, we are able to deliver theory units by virtual classrooms, however practical on-site training will recommence once the COVID restrictions are lifted.

On behalf of TIV I wish to thank all trainers, students and admin. staff who have made the transitions to our training programs so much easier and effective.


“TIV was successful in obtaining an additional 600 funded student places in this calendar year”

  1. New Website

Our new website launched this week.  Our aims are to provide a more user-friendly, informative and dynamic website that drives enrolments into our courses. Check it out; tell us what you think of it and give us your feedback about how you think it might be improved further.  

A shout out for Kane White and his contribution to its development.

  1. Future Courses in 2020

TIV was successful in obtaining an additional 600 funded student places in this calendar year.  Demand has seen TIV create additional courses over the next 3 months and they are filling up fast.  Most will continue to be delivered as virtual classrooms, nevertheless we are planning to provide classroom based courses as well for those that prefer this model.

  1. COVID Safety Plans

TIV has developed a comprehensive COVID Safety Plan in line with Department of Health guidelines. As we move past the ‘work from home phase’ we will roll out the Safety Plan to cover all eventualities for students, staff and visitors at all sites.

Last, but not least, it’s not often that a major business risk can be transformed into a major business opportunity, but that is what you have all done.  Great work.  Be proud of yourselves and each other.


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