Proud sponsor of AFL multicultural Ambassador Houli

TIV is a proud sponsor of AFL Multicultural Ambassador, Bachar Houli and his Academy.

Many know about Richmond Tiger’s footballer Bachar Houli’s skills on the footy field, but what a lot of people might not know is how dedicated he is to also improving his skills off the field as well.

Bachar Houli has been completing one of TIV’s building courses in Melbourne for the last few months. He has become very involved with TIV, even interviewing some of its other students who are taking courses in building to share the stories of their experiences in the hopes to encourage young people to consider TIV for their own future.

Leading the way for the next generation

Houli is the AFL Multicultural Ambassador and is incredibly passionate about getting kids of all multicultural backgrounds into sports and making sure they have the opportunity to get involved in AFL. Having the opportunities to improve skills is very important to him, both for himself and the younger generations.

Bachar Houli is such a strong believer in giving back to the community and using his influence to help others. AFL and construction training courses might not seem like they have much in common, but to Houli they are both great ways for people to gain skills and opportunity to better their lives.

Having experienced for himself how building construction courses at TIV can be really beneficial to people’s lives, Bachar Houli is a strong advocate of the courses we offer. TIV supports all the good work Houli is doing for the community and shares his hopes for better opportunities for everyone, no matter what their cultural background.

AFL multicultural initiative

Houli strongly believes that AFL is a great sport that can help bring people from all different cultures and backgrounds together and it is a message he shares amongst the community. He hopes that it will help to bridge the gaps in society and spread awareness of how important AFL can be for moving towards multicultural acceptance.

Houli has been visiting schools and spreading awareness of the importance of his cause, talking about the value of AFL to multicultural Australia for 10 years to younger generations. He believes that because AFL is a sport that’s very welcoming, it is a great way to teach people about different traditions and help people learn about different cultures, while at the same time learning a skill and being active.

TIV is a proud sponsor of all the work Houli is doing, and his dedication to using his influence as an AFL player to give back. TIV hosts some of the best building and construction courses Melbourne has to offer where people can come to improve their skills, and is proud to support such inspiration people as Bachar Houli.

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