TIV Covid-19 Update

It is our priority to protect the health, safety and well-being of all our employees and their families, our students and our communities. We also recognise the importance of maintaining business continuity and delivering the highest service standards to our students, whilst doing all we possibly can to prevent the spread of this virus.

Taking this into account as of Tuesday 24th March 2020 TIV transitioned into to having our trainers deliver the course remotely to students through virtual classrooms. This means students will be able to access their course without the need to attend actual classroom sessions. This will remove any safety concerns of students and unnecessary contact with other students. This will be done for all theoretical units where possible.

All upcoming courses with TIV will still proceed with the commencement date stated. If you do have any enquiries or questions about upcoming courses, please still send through an enquiry online or call TIV on (03) 9399 9511. In the meantime, TIV will continue to monitor events and will keep our stakeholders informed of any developments.

Existing student support systems will continue including delivering additional training where necessary and providing regular tutorials. Again, these services will be accessible remotely. The Student Support team is now available 6 days a week (Mon-Sat).

If a face to face class is your preference rather then a Virtual Classroom please contact us and we can put you on a waitlist for when it is safe for these classes to return.

However, this does create opportunity for some. If you find you have more time on your hands let this be an opportunity to start that Building and Construction course, you have been putting off because you have been too busy. Let this be an opportunity to up-skill yourself for when our lives get back to normal.

If you wish to apply, click here to view our courses.

*Please Note: Due to the internet being used more, the time for pages to load may increase. We recommend applying for courses at night time.

Final message from TIV is that we will all beat this virus and to stay safe, we are here if you need us.”

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