TIV and Western Region Football League A Community Partnership

Trade Institute of Victoria (TIV) prides itself on being more than just a trade school. It cares for its students both during their courses and beyond. But more than that, it recognises that as a successful business in Melbourne, it can give back to the local community. One way TIV does that is through their support of the Western Region Football League (WRFL).

What Is The WRFL?

The WRFL is a community based football and netball league that has been in existence for 90 years. It is made up of 35 clubs and over 300 teams who compete in up to three thousand matches in a year.

There are teams for men, women, boys and girls, and the competition covers almost the entirety of Melbourne’s Western Suburbs. It has predominately consisted of football teams but three years ago, netball was added opening the league to even more sportspeople.

“TIV has been vital for a number of our clubs over the journey”

TIV’s Role

TIV has been a sponsor of WRFL for the last decade in a number of ways. For some time, they specifically sponsored the Under 18s Boys football competition and had naming rights attached to that. CEO of WRFL, Matt Duck, says that “obviously worked well with the age group at our end and a number of boys who obviously at that age are thinking about what they want to do post-school, and hence the TIV partnership made a lot of sense from that perspective.”

Currently TIV are the naming rights partner and major sponsor of the WRFL’s flagship Division 1 Senior Men’s football competition. Matt explains that it’s their number one asset and TIV’s sponsorship of it is a “testament to their support over the last 12 months when many others were understandably opting out or looking to diminish their involvement on the back of the (pandemic) year we’ve had. TIV went the opposite way and reaffirmed their support.”

TIV also is a proud sponsor of Laverton Football Club and Newport Football Club. Both are part of the WRFL.

The TIV Difference

It’s obvious that WRFL values their relationship with TIV and recognises the impact they have had on the competition.

Matt has seen TIV support not only the major teams, but also smaller clubs in different areas and understands that “has been vital for a number of our clubs over the journey.”

He is also appreciative of the fact that TIV play an active role through their sponsorship of the league. Matt says, “They’ve always been prominent throughout the year and particularly when it comes to finals time or grand final day for that respective competition. They’ve always been very present and involved handing out medals. They’ve been the perfect partner from that perspective, actually taking an active interest along the way which we appreciate.”

It looks like the TIV and WRFL partnership will continue to grow in the future. It’s a wonderful example of how business and community sport can work together to enhance the local community.

Please contact Trade Institute of Victoria if you require any further information about our involvement in community projects.


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