This woman’s work: TIV student Nadia builds successful business

Kate Bush is a brilliant woman and outstanding songwriter, and was well ahead of her time with an absolute favourite former smash hit of mine, “This Woman’s Work.”

Released in 1989, the track itself was only moderately successful initially, before topping the charts in the UK and Australia upon its re-release in 2005, some 16 years later.

Nadia Warren is also a brilliant woman, and well ahead of her time in the world of Building and Construction.

In a male dominated and often unfairly stereotyped industry, it is refreshing to see successful women like Nadia Warren just getting in and getting it done.

A former graduate of the Trade Institute of Victoria, Nadia was an exemplary student in TIV’s highly regarded and increasingly popular Summer Certificate IV in Building and Construction program.

The intense course has become widely recognised as one of the best in the business, with students with more than five years industry experience coming from all over Victoria to join the program at TIV.

Several years on, Nadia has obtained her Victorian Domestic Builders Unlimited Registration (DBU), and established her own successful business right here in her home town of Melbourne.

“I’ve been interested in building things for as long as I can remember,” Nadia says.

“Even when I was really little I can recall following my Uncle around or anyone who was over at the house to fix things,” she adds.

That interest would continue through her childhood and teenage years despite Nadia never seriously considering Building as a career growing up.

“I never really thought Building was something I would do when I was older. It just wasn’t really an option,” Nadia says.

A period of career uncertainty would follow, despite Nadia excelling at Melbourne University, majoring in gender studies and political science before becoming Carpentry Pre-apprentice, and then Carpentry Apprentice of the year at Holmesglen College, beating 200 male fellow students in the process.

“I had some really encouraging friends at the time, and after graduating from Holmesglen a career in Building became a realistic option,” Nadia says.

“A couple of years later I was qualified and here I am now in my eighth year in the industry.”

As she thrived in her new found profession, it was only a matter of time before starting her own business was also strongly suggested to Nadia, leading her thoughts and motivation down the path of becoming a registered builder and as a result, to TIV.

“As I became more experienced, I started to realise that if I wanted to do things properly in the industry then I had to become my own boss to ensure that was happening,” Nadia says.

“Obtaining my builders registration therefore became a priority, and I knew TIV was a credible company with a good reputation and importantly for me, offered the intense full-time Cert IV Building course that was perfect for my situation,” she adds.

When reflecting on her studies at the Trade Institute of Victoria, Nadia speaks glowingly of the experience and the Summer Certificate IV course in Building and Construction.

“Everyone at TIV was really welcoming and very approachable,” Nadia says.

“We had a relatively small group so you got to know people and share stories and experiences and really bounce off each other and the trainers as you moved through the course,” she adds.

“The trainers are outstanding, and importantly they are current in the industry, and took us out on-site to give us practical examples of real life and real work which is a fantastic way to learn.”

“Beyond receiving my certificate, Reif (TIV Owner and Trainer) was exceptional in following up and helping me through the builders registration process, so to that end I can’t speak highly enough of TIV for going above and beyond.”

Nadia Warren is a fascinating story on so many different levels.

Highly intelligent, friendly and approachable despite a slightly shy exterior, her journey is one of drive, determination and extraordinary self-belief in the male dominated world of building and construction.

“A lot of people ask me if I was teased at TAFE or through Trade school but I actually found it to be the compete opposite,” Nadia says refreshingly.

“A lot of the guys in the industry are intimidated by each other or the teachers so I was almost considered a ‘safe’ and trustworthy person to be around,” she adds.

For many women, the prospect of being one of very few in such a male dominated environment would be a tough hurdle to overcome, but not for Nadia Warren.

In fact in many respects it has been the ideal preparation for what she has encountered since establishing her own successful business in the building and construction industry.

“A building or renovation project can be extremely daunting for homeowners,” Nadia says.

“But having an close eye for detail, listening and understanding their needs and having an honest and meticulous approach helps people entrust me with their homes,” she adds.

“I work closely with all my clients to essentially tailor and service exactly what they want with their renovation or building works.”

Perhaps the most refreshing and impressive quality of Nadia Warren is the pride she takes in her work.

“There is a great sense of satisfaction when you complete a build and see all your hard work pay off,” Nadia says.

“I am extremely proud of the work I do and it is very rewarding to see how happy my clients are with our finished projects,” she adds.

Similar to Kate Bush back in 1989, Nadia Warren is well ahead of her time, and a step in front of many others in the building and construction industry.

And just like my old favourite Kate Bush track “This Woman’s Work” which exploded to the top of the charts 16 years after being released, just watch the number of females in the industry increase in much the same fashion in Australia, when inspired by women like Nadia Warren.

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