The Graduate: Joe Modica’s TIV experience

If I were to create a template to best demonstrate how to get involved in the Building and Construction industry, it would come in the form of TIV graduate, Joe Modica.

Unlike Benjamin Braddock (played by Dustin Hoffman) in the 1967 Academy Award winning film The Graduate, who floats through life after graduating from college with no real purpose or direction whatsoever, Joe Modica is thankfully the exact opposite.

A dedicated, middle aged family man, Joe Modica made the decision to change career paths that would ultimately lead him to the Trade Institute of Victoria (TIV).

“I’ve always been passionate about Building and Construction,” Joe says.

“Over the last 15-20 years I dabbled in some renovations and a couple of townhouses as a developer and then finally I thought, I want to be able to do this myself,” he adds.

“I went to a tradeshow and was really impressed with TIV and the information they provided, and the rest is history.”

Highly organised, reliable and with outstanding foresight, Joe would initially complete a Certificate IV in Building and Construction course at TIV.

“I wanted to get into this industry for a long time so I committed myself and I got there,” he adds.

“My father was a bricklayer, and all my family are in Building and Construction – so it’s in our blood.”

Completing the Certificate IV in Building and Construction however, was just the beginning of Joe Modica’s exciting new journey.

An exemplary student, his zest for knowledge and adherence to an intrinsic plan to achieve success were definitive characteristics of his personality throughout his time at TIV.

“The plan from day one was always to get involved in the Building and Construction industry,” Joe says.

“The minute I started Certificate IV I began asking around for jobs at potential companies for when I finished my Diploma of Building and Construction,” he adds.

They are impressive words from a man who clearly knows what he wants in life and how he plans to get there.

His foresight is one thing, his tenacity and determination are quite another.

Not surprisingly, Joe would complete his Certificate IV and Diploma of Building and Construction with aplomb, and in the process begin to feed a growing urge to pass his new found knowledge on to others.

“I enjoyed the courses so much I thought that teaching might be a natural progression,” Joe says.

“I spoke to Reif (TIV owner Reif Keceli) who mentioned there might be an opportunity if I completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessing – which I did – and now I find myself really enjoying teaching others.”

Joe Modica is now a qualified trainer of Building and Construction at the Trade Institute of Victoria. That is of course, in conjunction with his current site supervisor position with a highly reputable construction company.

“I teach one night a week and every second Saturday,” Joe says.

“I find that teaching others really complements my site supervisor role – it’s a great balance,” he adds.

Joe Modica’s story is in many respects the perfect road map to getting involved in the Building and Construction industry.

Having a clear, definitive plan, studying hard, networking throughout the courses and being open to teaching others upon completion all have played significant roles in Joe Modica’s journey thus far.

Reif Keceli (TIV owner) has watched Modica develop significantly throughout his time at TIV, and was the man responsible for offering him the teaching opportunity he is now so thoroughly enjoying.

“Joe’s the type of person who would come to all the classes, ask the relevant questions, would never cut corners and just wanted to get things right,” Keceli says.

“He’s just an all-round nice person,” he adds.

As much as Joe Modica has achieved in such a short amount of time in the industry, there is far more to this story that is still yet to unfold.

“I hope to pick up a few more training nights and continue on with my site supervision and eventually pick up my builder’s registration,” Joe says.

He is also quick to praise those who have assisted him along the way.

“TIV has been great for me,” Joe says.

“The staff are helpful and always very obliging, the facilities are excellent – it’s just a great place to learn your trade.”

Author: Aaron Lord

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