Student of the Month – Rhys Bull

Trade Institute of Victoria (TIV) is proud to announce that Bowens is sponsoring our new initiative – Student of the Month. Bowens is a fourth-generation family owned Australian business and market leader in supplying the largest variety of quality timber and building supplies in Australia. With 128 years experience in the industry, we thought they were a fitting partner to reward students for their hard work. Each Student of the Month receives a gift card from Bowens.

Aspirations beyond the bar

Rhys Bull is a 30 year old from the United Kingdom who has been working as a bartender. At one stage he even owned his own hospitality business, but says “I know it’s not for me long term.” He lists unsociable long hours, the non predictable nature of the work and constant staff shortages as reasons why he wants to transition out of the industry.

Rhys thought he would begin with learning carpentry skills, as he has a big goal in mind. He says, “I’d like to build my own house. So I wanted to learn those skills. Ideally I’d like to get employment with someone and really hone my skills, really develop those.”

TIV is the perfect fit for Rhys and he has embarked on the CPC30220 – Certificate III in Carpentry through face-to-face learning.  Designed to provide a practical alternative to an apprenticeship, the innovative program is popular with students who want to get started with learning new skills. Students like Rhys attend on three consecutive days per week for 12 months, and then follow this with TIV’s 800 hours of workplace based employment.

The TIV experience

Rhys has found the Certificate III course great to be enrolled in with its practical elements being a big plus. He explains, “It’s really hands on which is good. The trainers are really knowledgeable and they don’t give you the answers straight away. They allow you to try and problem solve and figure things out. So it’s a good way of learning I think.”

The classes are also made up of a diverse range of people. Rhys says, “There’s a big mix of people. All sorts of nationalities. Everyone learns at their own pace so that can be quite challenging sometimes. But I guess that’s going to happen in the real world too.” He feels this is great preparation for being out on building sites and dealing with a range of different people.

“Rhys is doing the kind of work that I would expect from a qualified tradesman.” – David Lister (Carpentry Trainer)

Student of the Month

When asked why he thought he had been awarded the inaugural Student of the Month, Rhys guessed it might be his work ethic and his natural step into a leadership role. He reflects on his time at TIV and says, “I turn up on time. I work hard. I tend to pick up things quite quickly and I tend to become the leader of groups, although I don’t feel comfortable telling people what to do.”

It seems Rhys’ trainers definitely see great student qualities in him. In determining who will be awarded Student of the Month, trainers look at things like student classwork, participation, motivation, initiative, work ethic and engagement with classmates.

TIV’s CPC30220 – Certificate III in Carpentry trainer, David Lister says, “Rhys is doing the kind of work that I would expect from a qualified tradesman. His understanding of complex tasks is excellent and the quality he is delivering is great.”

Congratulations Rhys!

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