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Due to the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the commencement date of the new carpentry trades registration and licensing scheme has been delayed until the start of 2022. 
A Regulatory Impact Statement and draft Regulations are expected to be released in the first quarter of 2021 for public consultation. This postponement will provide more time for adequate consultation with stakeholders on the options that will be outlined in the RIS and on the draft Regulations.
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You will then have 5 years to become fully registered as a contractor or to obtain a licence to work as an employee. The program will have a staggered implementation, eventually including all trades that work in the building industry.


Why is this happening?

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) worked with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) to come up with these new regulations for a number of reasons.

First and foremost it will reduce the incidence of non-compliant work and provide greater accountability when such work does occur. This will give the general public confidence in all trades they or their builder hire. It will also give trained and experienced trades people a seal of approval that will help them to obtain work.

In addition, it will provide incentive for all trades people to improve their skills and complete their apprenticeships.

If I’m already employed or working as a contractor and I don’t register, what happens?

If you do not obtain a provisional registration or a licence by the required date, it will be an offence for you to work on a building site in Victoria. You will be liable to prosecution.

Apprentices and trainees will be exempt, provided they are employed under a training contract by an approved employer.

What is involved in becoming registered or licensed?

You will need to satisfy education requirements (including practical experience) as well as submit a portfolio of evidence of your building experience and undertake an interview with an assessor.

How can TIV help me obtain my registration or licence?

We don’t want anyone to stress about the new regulations. Remember, the aim is to ensure everyone working on a building site is adequately qualified. This is in everyone’s best interest, including your own. We understand you may be time poor so we have personnel and tools in place to help you start the process for any registration or license whether Domestic Builder-Limited or Domestic Builder-Unlimited.


The CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) covers most of the knowledge requirements to gain your registration or license. Combined with 3 years practical experience, this course is considered one of the most reputable ways to become a Registered Builder. It also assists people to become Project Managers, Estimators/Schedulers and Contract Administrators.

For those applying to become a Domestic Builder (Unlimited) or Commercial Builder – Limited to Low Rise or Medium Rise, the CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) is the ideal qualification. Again, this covers most of the knowledge requirements for this level of registration.


We also have a variety of additional support courses to help you prepare for the following components of registration:

Computer/Knowledge Test: You will need to achieve a score of 70% from 50 questions to pass. These questions will test your knowledge of the National Construction Codes and Australian Standards as they apply to your trade. We have  Program No. 1 – Test Questions and Plans and Designs that provides you with test questions, both multiple choice and written answer. This program also has a component that will prepare you for the Plan and Design part of the test.

Portfolio: A portfolio of evidence demonstrating your experience on job sites and your familiarity with documents like OH&S requirements, site plans and construction schedules amongst other things will also be required. Our Program 2 – Builders File Review assists you by reviewing your application and portfolio to ensure it is complete and meets all requirements. We will also certify copies of original documents and qualifications, then review your portfolio again once it is ready to be submitted.

If you’re not sure where to begin with the portfolio, we can also help you with that. We have consultants that can be assigned to you to guide you through the process.

Interview: The third component of registration and licensing is an interview with a Competency Assessor from the Victorian Building Authority. The interview covers Legal Requirements, Building Management and Building Technology. Such interviews can go for several hours.

You are permitted to take in hard copies of any code and regulations to support you. We understand that these interviews can be quite daunting. This is why we also offer special training to prepare you for this component. Program No. 3 – Builders License Simulated Interview offers a 3 hour simulated interview experience where you will receive feedback and be informed of your strengths and weaknesses.

We believe all three programs are invaluable. However, you can design the course structure that suits you best by choosing from the following programs:

Program No.4 – Combination Program No. 1 and 2.

Program No.5 – Combination Program No. 1 and 3.

Program No.6 – Combination Program No. 1, 2 and 3.

Program No.7 – Tell Us About Any Other Requirements.


If you want more information about the registration process, please visit DELWP.

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