Mani talks about his bricklaying course experience at TIV

For anyone considering a career in Bricklaying there is no better time to get on board at TIV than right now.

A shortage of qualified Bricklayers across the board and a significantly higher current earning capacity presents a golden opportunity for those interested in a career in the Bricklaying industry.

But don’t just take my word for it, and anyone who still needs convincing should look no further than recent TIV Bricklaying graduate Ermanno Testa.

Well educated, articulate and previously working as a qualified Accountant ‘Manni’ saw an opportunity to cash in on the current Bricklaying landscape and didn’t hesitate to make the call to change professions.

“I’m really happy to have made the transition from Accounting to Bricklaying,” Manni says.

“From an overall workload, and the stress levels and heartache I endured as an Accountant, becoming a Bricklayer is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

It’s a powerful endorsement from a confident man who is as engaging as he is determined, and he is quick to praise the TIV Bricklaying program and the flexibility it provides.

“I found TIV online and was immediately attracted to the flexibility of the Bricklaying course and the fact that I could continue to work while I studied,” Manni says.

Working his way through the course without fuss, Manni completed the program and has already secured work on an attractive wage negotiated on his terms – a clear indication of the immediate impression he made on his employer.

But while the process and outcome appear seemingly faultless for the 25-year old former body builder, this is just the beginning for Manni, who’s future in the Bricklaying industry involve much bigger plans that he himself can own and control.

“Looking ahead I’d obviously like to run my own Bricklaying crew and have my own business,” he says with authority.

“Now that I’ve been actively working as Bricklayer for the last six months, I can see the amount of opportunity out there for anyone with a good work ethic and who is keen to get involved.”

It’s a particularly pertinent point he makes, and glowing reinforcement that whilst Bricklaying may not be considered the ‘sexiest’ profession in the Building and Construction industry, if you’re prepared to learn the craft and not afraid of hard work, the world is your oyster, for as far as a punter like me can forecast into the future there will always be a need in this world for those who can lay bricks.

The TIV Bricklaying program is clearly one of the best in the industry, with an outstanding facility for its students in Williamstown and highly experienced trainers and support staff.

TIV owner Reif Keceli strongly acknowledges the need for good Bricklayers in the industry, and is particularly passionate about the course he created and the talented people the course ultimately produces.

“There is an enormous demand for good Bricklayers,” he says.

“The Bricklaying program here at TIV is designed to be flexible around the individual’s needs,” he adds.

They are genuine words from a man who knows more than most in the Building and Construction game, and when you see tangible examples of success stories in the form of Manni, you can be rest assured that Reif Keceli and TIV have got a model that simply works.

‘The beauty of being a Bricklayer is that you have the flexibility of being your own boss and starting your own business with minimal set up costs in comparison to some of the other trades in the industry,” Keceli says.

It’s that flexibility that sets TIV from the rest, and has allowed a good man like Ermanno Testa the opportunity to flourish in the profession for which he was made.

Author: Aaron Lord

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