License to build

Arafat Adams is an intellectual machine. His hunger to learn and passion to build has taken him on a fulfilling journey with the Trade Institute of Victoria (TIV).

As if completing the summer Certificate IV in Building and Construction course wasn’t enough, he is now enrolled in the Diploma of Building and Construction program at TIV also.

Arafat Adams’s professional check-list is really quite extraordinary.

Carpentry? Tick. Architecture? Done. Masters in Project Management? Piece of cake.

Add to that owning a thriving business at “Signarama” in Brunswick, and it is pretty clear that you’ve got a guy here who just knows how to get it done.

Softly spoken and exceedingly kind, Arafat is a TIV success story that should not go unnoticed.

Arafat Adams proudly standing outside his Signarama Business in Brunswick — holding his newly acquired builders licence!


With a zest for knowledge and outstanding intellect, Arafat’s journey is one of persistence and perseverance – an intrinsic quest to follow his dream and realise his passion, irrespective of how long it would take to find his Elysium.

A qualified Architect by trade, Arafat never truly felt at home in his industry of choice despite setting himself up with a well-paid, plum job in the highly regarded world of Architecture.

“My parents wanted me to be an academic so I went out and got a degree in Architecture,” he says matter-of-factly.

“But I’ve always had an underlying passion to become a Builder,” he adds with purpose.

That passion would ultimately lead Arafat on a fact-finding mission on building courses – and inevitably to TIV.

“I contacted Reif (TIV owner) and after discussing my objectives he really encouraged me to enrol in the Certificate IV Building and Construction summer program,” Arafat says.

“I only had a very small amount of time to commit to education because I was working full-time also,” he adds.

“TIV was the only reputable institution I could find that offered a full-time summer program in Certificate IV in Building and Construction.”

With the objective of obtaining his builder’s licence at the forefront of his mind, Arafat completed the summer program at TIV – predictably without fuss.

He then went on to successfully obtain his builder’s licence in March this year, and is quick to praise TIV for the significant role they played throughout the process.

“The TIV summer program was perfect for me,” he says.

“John (TIV CEO) and Reif (TIV owner) were unbelievably supportive and gave me the confidence to not only complete the course, but to go on and obtain my builder’s licence also,” he adds.

One of the tangible outcomes by which the success of education and training programs in the Building and Construction industry can be measured is the number of students who obtain their builders licence after completing their formal qualification.

TIV is widely regarded as one of the best in the business with regards to its Certificate IV Building and Construction program, not only for the quality of the course itself, but in preparing its students to go on and obtain their builder’s licence also.

It is a perfect fit for Arafat Adams, who is now enrolled in the Diploma of Building and Construction course at TIV to complement his already impressive list of qualifications and credentials.

“I want to become a new-home builder and obtain my commercial licence also,” he says with conviction.

“The flexibility of the programs offered at TIV and the quality of teaching is just exceptional,” he adds.

When you have people of the calibre of Arafat Adams, it’s not hard to see why TIV is proud of its students.

Author: Aaron Lord

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