January Summer Certificate IV in Building and Construction

1 November

Enrolments for TIV’s January Summer Certificate IV in Building and Construction courses in Williamstown and Carnegie CLOSE ON DECEMBER 1.

Call TIV on 03 9399 9511 or email info@tiv.vic.edu.au to enrol today.

The Trade Institute of Victoria’s Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) summer course is back – at two locations throughout Victoria in January 2020. The course duration is just under one month throughout with class going all day.

TIV’s Certificate IV summer program has been a resounding success since its inception, offering a unique full-time structure for students with more than five-years industry experience an opportunity the complete the course at a faster rate than the part-time equivalent.


Whilst it is an accelerated course, it is also significantly more challenging, with students screened thoroughly prior to enrolment to ensure they can handle the increased demands and time commitment required for such an intense learning environment.

There is no exact science nor hard and fast rules with regards to becoming a registered Builder in Victoria. It is a VBA requirement from 1st September 2020 that all trades and builders are to be registered and licensed. Completing this course is your first step towards the registration process.

The Building and Construction industry is filled with talented people from all backgrounds with varying degrees of credentials, experience and qualifications.

That said, the Certificate IV in Building and Construction qualification (along with a minimum of three years practical building experience) is certainly one of the more recognised and definitive pathways to becoming a registered Builder in Victoria.

TIV CEO John MacDonald said increasing the number of locations to two was a reflection of the course’s popularity and TIV’s ability to successfully deliver and facilitate the full-time program.

“The summer course has become extremely popular over a relatively short space of time,” MacDonald said.

“The full-time students are always very committed and have confidence in the program we run at TIV, and that’s reflected in the number of students who go on to successfully obtain their Builder’s registration once they complete the course.”

Enrolments for TIV’s full-time Summer Certificate IV in Building and Construction courses close on the 1st of December 2019 so DO NOT MISS OUT!!!

  • The Williamstown course has the first session on December 3rd
  • The Carnegie courses first session is December 5th
  • Then on January 3rd the Courses will resume and be delivered over 3 weeks.

For more information contact the Business Development team at TIV on 03 9399 9511 or email info@tiv.vic.edu.au