How TIV Helped Mohamad Hodroj Grow His Business

Mohamad Hodroj knew he wanted to gain building qualifications when he arrived in Australia, but his residency status prevented him. Once he obtained permanent residency, he made the decision to seek out the Trade Institute of Victoria and enrolled into the CPC40120 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction.


From Renovations to New Builds

Mohamad not only completed the Certificate IV in Building, but also went on to do his CPC50220 – Diploma of Building and Construction (Building).  He owns his own renovation business and felt it was a necessary step to take his business further. It was a way for him to grow his business and do more with it. He says, “I work on renovations and construction everyday. I wanted to improve and grow my business. I wanted to get the building licence. It’s the best way to have more knowledge and with the experience I’ve got, I can now go and get the building licence and start building new houses.”

“Whenever you have questions, you ask them and they are available any time. Like no matter whether you have class or not.”

The Daunting Move to a Virtual Classroom

Mohamad was enjoying face to face classes for his CPC40120 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction when Covid hit and threw the country into lockdown. He admits that it wasn’t easy for him moving to online classes. He says, “The Certificate IV was a bit hard. Maybe because it was my first time doing online courses. But after I got used to it, the Diploma was easy for me. It wasn’t that hard.”

TIV was able to pivot effectively. They moved their courses to a virtual classroom so that all students had the opportunity to continue doing the theory part of their courses. TIV also offered new restructured courses, making the best of a bad situation.  Mohamad was able to use the Covid restriction to his best advantage, gaining two qualifications during this period.

Mohamad says, “I was still doing the Certificate IV course when they also offered the Diploma as full-time on a Sunday. So I said I want to do it anyway, so why not? So I did the Sunday course as well which suited me.” Flexibility of courses is something TIV aims to achieve so no matter what the students schedule is, there is always a course that suits them.

TIV’s Trainers Stand Out

Mohamad was able to achieve so much thanks to the trainers at TIV. When everything moved online, he says trainers Peter and Bill were “really helpful.” He goes on to explain, “They were really good. They made the course really easy to understand and follow. They explained it very well. They delivered the course and were very knowledgeable as well.”

Like other students before him, Mohamad notes that the trainers at TIV go above and beyond when it comes to assisting students and nothing ever seems too much trouble. He says, “Whenever you have questions, you ask them and they are available any time. Like no matter whether you have class or not. Anytime you contact them with other questions, they will help you.”

This is the reason Mohamad is happy to recommend TIV to others. He has already helped his cousin enrol into a course, telling him how much they helped him.


If you’d like to grow your business like Mohamad or would like to get started in the building industry, please get in touch.  


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