Getting a Jump Start on Mandatory Qualifications

As we highlighted early in 2020, in about a year’s time all trades people in Victoria will have to start the process to become registered or licensed. Daniel Weaver is one person who has got a jump start on the upcoming requirements.

One of Daniel’s colleagues recommended doing the CPC40120 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction through the Trade Institute of Victoria (TIV). Daniel explains, “I’ve got a carpentry background and I’m a site supervisor at the moment. I have been for the last seven years. And eventually, it’s going to be mandatory to have minimum Cert IV I believe for supervising, so that was one reason I wanted to do it.”

The TIV Trainer Difference

Like many others, Daniel’s experience with TIV started with face to face classes. But this changed with the onset of Covid. He was only a couple of months in to his CPC50220 – Diploma of Building and Construction (Building), when he had to adjust to the virtual classroom. When asked about how he found the change, he said, “It was good. It was different. I haven’t done an online (course) by conference calls before. But the teacher we had – Peter – was easy to get along with. He explained everything that we needed to do.”

Daniel goes on to say that Peter “was accessible outside of class hours as well, which was also really helpful.”  And that is something that TIV prides itself on. Its trainers are invested in their students; in both getting them to pass their courses and ensuring they are successful beyond their time at TIV.

TIV trainers build a relationship with students within the classroom and this carries beyond the courses. Daniel says, “The teachers were great. If you’re not sure, and you get something wrong, they’re not going to criticise you. They will definitely try to help you pass.”

“Peter (the trainer) was accessible outside of class hours as well, which was also really helpful.” 

Builder’s Licence

Daniel also went on to gain his Builder’s Licence. The process can be daunting for some as it involves an exam, the compilation of a work portfolio and an interview with assessors. But Daniel took it in his stride, armed with the confidence that the TIV courses had given him, along with his experience in the industry.

Daniel says, “I got the Diploma (through TIV) which helped me bypass half of the requirements to get my licence. So I didn’t have to sit the multiple choice section.” He also started getting his portfolio together while he was doing his Diploma, so that helped him be organised and feel confident.

The final part of requirements involved being interviewed by assessors from Victorian Building Authority (VBA). Daniel wants to let others know that the interview component “is not as scary as people think. The assessors are really friendly, and easy to talk to.” While he concedes “it’s not easy”, he also believes that “as long as you have prior experience, and know what you’re talking about, you should be fine.”

TIV’s CPC50220 – Diploma in Building and Construction (Building) covers most of the knowledge requirements. But for those not as confident as Daniel, or who want help preparing before they sit the exam and interview, and submit their portfolio, TIV also has a host of other support courses, specifically designed to prepare people for the Builder’s Licence requirements.

Diversity in the TIV Classroom

If you’re not sure whether you’d fit in to a TIV classroom, Daniel gives assurances that students are men and women coming come from all walks of life. There are people of all ages and different nationalities. He continues, “We had some females who were doing (the course) which was good. There were a few carpenters, some bricklayers, a few supervisors and some other guys who were more office type, like engineers.”

Daniel concludes by saying, “It might sound clichéd, but I highly recommend TIV. Whoever wants to do it, go for it.”

If you’re in the industry and want to get a head start on compulsory qualifications like Daniel, please get in touch.  


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