DB-M Transition Pathway

By 2022, new laws mean a DB-Manager will be removed as a building practitioner.

For those registered with VBA as a DB-Manager give us a call and we can discuss various options with you to keep you in the building industry.

The main difference between a DB-M (Domestic Building Manager) and a Project Manager (Domestic) is more of a focus on management which has meant an increase in the qualification requirements. The qualification now needed is a Diploma.

The law is if you are engaging in building work (where more then one trade is involved) – for work valued over $10,000 you need to be a registered builder,

As a DB-M or Project Manager (Domestic), you are not allowed to contract with clients or tradespeople. Therefore, this is a limitation in your current role.

The VBA has announced these changes here.

At TIV, we have courses for you that allows DB-M to have various options.

Depending on your qualifications you could be eligible for government funding.

As of 30 June 2022 the DB-M will be removed as a building practitioner it is vital that you have your relevant qualifications done by then otherwise your registration as a DB-M will cease.

Call us today on (03) 9399 9511 and TIV will assist you in your transition period to keep you qualified!

For more information on these changes, see VBA’s FAQS here.

Call us today on 9399 9511 and we can discuss various options with you!


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