Transfer your credit to Trade Institute of Victoria

If you have studied with TIV previously or at another institution, you can apply to transfer your credit towards your new program of study. In doing so, you may be able to reduce the length of time required to complete the course.

To get your credit transfer, Trade Institute of Victoria requires a Statement of Attainment from your previous host institution. Some institutions may send your statement of attainment and transcript at the end of your study, however some institutions may not, and you are required to order the transcript. It is important to keep your transcript safe and secured for the future as it may be required for jobs, interviews and further studies.

How do I apply for a credit transfer?

To apply for credit transfer towards your course of studies please email your statement of attainment to [email protected]

When Can I apply for Credit Transfer?
Applications for credit transfer should take place after you have enrolled, but before your course and class commences.