TIV’s highly regarded Certificate III in Carpentry course is recognised as one of the best in the industry.

Designed to provide a practical alternative to an apprenticeship, the innovative program has been a resounding success since its inception. It is enormously popular among men and women across all ages who aspire to become qualified carpenters and have successful careers in the Building and Construction industry.

The course is run over three consecutive days per week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) for twelve months by exceptional trainers and highly qualified support staff with a wealth of knowledge and industry experience.

This is followed by 800 hours of workplace based employment. Students begin learning their craft at TIV headquarters in Williamstown before transferring to the state-of-the-art outdoor learning facility in West Footscray.

What you’ll learn

Increase your job opportunities in the Building and Construction Industry with skills and knowledge in the following areas:

What's Included
  • Work pants
  • Safety boots
  • High visibility polo top and jumper
  • Safety glasses, safety ear muffs
  • Hard hat and school hat
  • Hand tools
  • Text books
Delivery & Duration

The Certificate III in Carpentry comprises 12 months of practical training in TIV’s facilities followed by 800 hours (usually over 6 months) of workplace based employment.

Tuition Dates & Locations

TIV’s Certificate III in Carpentry is based in the West of Melbourne, with campuses in Williamstown, West Footscray and Tottenham. We also now have a campus in Dandenong.

Upcoming course dates:

  • 18th November 2020, Williamstown
  • 10th Febuary 2021, Williamstown
  • 10th February 2021, Dandenong 
Fees and Government Funding

Don’t let financial hurdles get in your way of study. TIV has flexible payment plans available to help you get the education you want.


The fee if you hold a current Concession Card.

Skills First Funded Program


Typical Course Fee

The fee if you are not eligible for government funding.

Material Fee for Certificate III in Carpentry: $3,995

The fee covers the use of limited re-usable materials used in Carpentry projects inside the course.

  • Timber and Sheet, Flooring
  • Timber Flooring, Tongue-in-Groove
  • Timber Flooring, Cement Sheeting
  • Joists, Beams and Stumps
  • Roof Frames
  • Roof Truss
  • Metal Truss Roof
  • Eave Material
  • Nails, Glues, Screws, Fasteners
  • Window Frames, Doors and Door Frames
  • Timber and Metal Framing
  • Lining Material, Panelling and Moulds
  • Timber Stairs, Materials and Handrails
  • External Cladding
  • Formwork to Stairs
  • Hire of Props
  • Scaffolding
Units of Delivery





Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry


Conduct workplace communication


Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry


Plan and organise work


Read and interpret plans and specifications


Carry out measurements and calculations


Use carpentry tools and equipment


Handle carpentry materials


Use explosive power tools


Carry out setting out


Carry out levelling operations


Install flooring systems


Construct wall frames


Carry out general demolition of minor building structures


Erect roof trusses


Construct pitched roofs


Construct eaves


Construct ceiling frames


Carry out excavation


Carry out concreting to simple forms


Work safely at heights


Erect and dismantle restricted height scaffolding



Erect and dismantle formwork for footings and slabs on ground


Place and fix reinforcement materials


Install and replace windows and doors


Install exterior cladding


Frame and fit wet area fixtures


Construct advanced roofs


Construct timber external stairs


Construct, erect and dismantle formwork for stairs and ramps

  • 16 years or older
  • Year 10 or equivalent
  • No previous building experience required
  • Completion of a Language, Literacy and Numeracy assessment

“We can relate our team building skills from football to those in the course, which has been a great accelerator for the entire group throughout the program.”

Jack Riewoldt
Richmond, AFL Player

Completed CPC30211 Certificate III in Carpentry

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Government funding available for this course?


Government funding is available for eligible applicants. Please discuss eligibility with a TIV representative.

Generally, if you have completed a Certificate III or higher-level qualification such as a Certificate IV, Diploma or Degree unfortunately you won’t be able to access Government funding for the course. However, you can still do the course as a full fee-paying student.

What is the duration of the Certificate III in Carpentry course?

This course is designed in 2 parts made up of in house training at our various onsite simulated workplace training sites and employment with a carpentry company.

    • Part 1 – 3 days a week for 12 months at our simulated workplace centres
    • Part 2 – Work for 800 hours or more for a carpentry/building company as a carpenter on actual jobsites.
What does the student need to supply to be able to participate in the Virtual Classroom?
  • A computer or laptop with Microsoft Office is required (not an iPad)
  • A mobile phone or landline is required for dialling into the audio conference
  • Internet is required
  • Students need to be available during the hours set on the course timetable
  • WhatsApp (ideal)
Can I get a job with this qualification?

Since 2017 TIV has graduated 120 qualified Carpenters.  We called them all and caught up with 80 of them to find out what they were doing now.  Here’s what they reported:

  • 66 were working in either residential construction (49) or in commercial construction (17).
  • 9 were professional athletes who were now qualified carpenters and would take up roles in construction upon their retirement from sport.
  • 3 are working full time but not in construction
  • 1 is unemployed
  • 1 declined the interview request
What are the prerequisites for this course?

Year 10 or equivalent. No previous building experience required but is most suitable for applicants 20 years of age and over.

What time is trade school?

Training is from 7.30am to 3.30pm

How many days a week am I required to attend trade school?

This course is fulltime; Students will be required to attend school 3 days a week. IT will be Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.

Does TIV find employers for me to complete work placement hours?

TIV has an employer on board to assist with work placement. However, we strongly advise you source your own employer.

Is this qualification nationally recognised?

This qualification is nationally recognised across Australia.

Is this qualification the same as completing an apprenticeship?

This qualification is the exact same trade qualification you would receive if completing an apprenticeship. This course is just a different delivery method.

What is the study pathway this qualification can lead to?

The pathway beyond the Certificate III in Carpentry can lead to the following qualifications:

Certificate IV in Building and Construction – (Building)

Diploma of Building and Construction – (Building)

I would like to see you in person and take a tour of the facilities and meet some of the trainers. Is this possible?

Yes certainly, TIV runs information nights on certain dates.

In addition, you can also book an appointment with us if you can’t make it to the information nights to find out more information.

How many people are in the class?

There can be a maximum of 25 people in class with each intake. Get your applications in as soon as possible to avoid missing out on a spot.

Is there public transport available to get to trade school?

Yes, our Williamstown campus is located near Newport train station and our Tottenham campus is within walking distance to Tottenham train station.