Charlies angels: Meet the TIV team

Behind every good man is a good woman, and the Trade Institute of Victoria is no exception.

At TIV, we proudly and quite rightly acknowledge and celebrate our successful male graduates, exceptional trainers and talented AFL footballers who admirably balance their professional playing careers with study at TIV.

But none of this is possible of course, without a rock solid framework and foundation, and in the male dominated industry of building and construction it is all too easy at times to overlook the women behind the scenes who are just getting it done and making things happen.

At the Trade Institute of Victoria, there are four such women (full-time) responsible for the production and running of TIV’s well oiled machine.

Unlike the hugely popular American Crime Drama Television series and movie “Charlie’s Angels” where Charlie’s visual identity must remain anonymous for the safety and success of each mission, it is the identity of TIV’s Angels in this case whose identity must remain a secret to protect our National security.

But I’m going to break precedent today and give you just a sneak peak of TIV’s inner sanctum.

The spiritual leader of the Angels, Special Agent Weeks has been with TIV for two years and co-ordinates and oversees the efficient running of the entire administration department.

Hand picked from another registered training organisation, Agent Weeks is responsible for TIV’s glowing reputation in the areas of compliance, transparency and co-operation with external stakeholders and constituents.

“TIV’s brand is becoming increasingly important in attracting not only great students, but great staff also,” Agent Weeks says.

The flexibility of TIV’s courses is also, according to Narelle, a particularly important point of difference when compared to other registered training organisations.

“TIV has the capability to accommodate and adjust the training programs of elite athletes, students with special needs and importantly an increasing number of female students who are getting involved in the building and construction industry,” she adds.

The youngest member of the Angels, Special Agent Stewart joined the Trade Institute of Victoria a little over a year ago, recruited by TIV’s power brokers who identified her attributes and talent during high school.

Agent Stewart completed a Business Traineeship prior to being promoted to TIV’s front line in the role of Administration Officer in 2016.

But don’t be fooled by her shy facade and softly spoken nature, Agent Stewart commands the upmost respect of her fellow Angels and has as intricate knowledge of what sets TIV apart from the rest.

“TIV genuinely cares about the outcome of its students,” Jaime says.

“We provide quality training and are always willing to consider the individual needs of each and every student,” she adds.

The newest member of the Angels, Special Agent Robinson was head hunted by department heads and has been with TIV for less than a year.

Her previous experience in the education and training space has been significant in bringing fresh concepts and innovative methods to an already impressive group of qualified Angels.

Promoted to the role of Administration Officer in 2016, Agent Robinson oversees and investigates every single enrolment that comes through TIV’s doors prior to processing.

Her attention to detail and undisputed adherence to the Angels internal mantra takes TIV’s consistency and credibility to unprecedented levels.

“I joined TIV because of the calibre of people involved and also because of the diversity of people you meet every day,” Elisha says.

“TIV looks after their students – we have a real passion for what we do,” she adds.

The most experienced and perhaps feistiest Angel of the group on the surface, Special Agent Georgiou also has a heart of gold when it matters most.

With more than a decade of experience with registered training organisations, Agent Georgiou joined TIV 18 months ago in the role of Training Support Administration Officer.

Her role is in many respects the most challenging of all the Angels, often working in isolation and primarily responsible for the production of a cohesive, efficient, all-encompassing training support model incorporating students, trainers and TIV staff.

Her experience and knowledge of the industry forms the backbone of an incredibly qualified Angels team that is largely responsible for making TIV the organisation it is today.

“I’ve worked in this industry for a long time in various roles including administration, basic data entry and office management,” Amy says.

“I monitor all the students’ progress throughout their respective courses and conversely I monitor all our trainers to ensure they are grading the students and providing the necessary feedback in a timely and professional fashion,” she adds.

They are TIV’s “Charlie’s Angels.”

And they just make TIV work.

Author: Aaron Lord

For Jasmine Lin.

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