Cert IV summer celebration

The Trade Institute of Victoria extends warm congratulations to its most recent group of successful students for completing the formal classroom component of their full-time delivery of the (CPC40110) Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building)

The group of 20 students were acknowledged at TIV headquarters in Williamstown with an informal lunch with TIV trainers and staff following the completion of their final class.

TIV’s (CPC40110) Certificate IV in Building and Construction summer building course has been a resounding success since its inception, offering a unique full-time structure for students with more than five-years industry experience an opportunity the complete the program at a faster rate than its part-time equivalent.

Whilst it is an accelerated course, it is also significantly more challenging, and students are therefore screened thoroughly prior to enrolment to ensure they can handle the increased demands and time commitment required for such an intense learning program.

This particular group was outstanding, and should be praised for their unwavering dedication and the professionalism they demonstrated throughout the course. They bonded as a group right from the outset, and worked particularly well collectively in assisting each other during the program. TIV CEO (and one of four trainers of this group) John MacDonald, spoke highly of the group’s commitment and work ethic throughout the course. “They were an outstanding group. Reliable, motivated and very eager to learn – the perfect combination really,” MacDonald says.

TIV senior trainer, George Damaskos agrees with MacDonald’s sentiments.

“This group was an absolute delight to train,” Damaskos says. “They were engaging, they enjoyed the interaction with the trainers and just continually challenged themselves for the entire course.”

Author: Aaron Lord

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