Build your business with a Cert IV in Building & Construction

Build your business with a Certificate IV in Building & Construction

  • Classroom and site training both key parts of the course
  • Site skills and business skills equally important
  • Unit based course allows recognition for previous experience
  • World class facilities and a supportive learning environment
  • Positive student feedback points to course success!


Getting on the right track with a ‘Cert IV’ in Building and Construction.

  • Budding builders need the right qualifications to ensure they get the right skills
  • The right qualification is vital if you want to be a registered builder
  • Certificate IV in Building & Construction is tailored to a range of experience levels

A previous post of ours mentioned that the building and construction industry remaining in a long term growth trend and continuing to offer great opportunities for driven professionals. So it’s no surprise that budding builders are looking for the qualifications/building course to get them started on their career.

Maybe you’re interested in improving on your existing skills or learning new ones in the building and construction sector. Or maybe you’ve done your Certificate III in Carpentry or believe you already have the right skills and experience but just need that ‘piece of paper’ in order to become a registered builder?

If so, you should consider completing TIV’s Certificate 4 in Building and Construction.

A career in building & construction is an exciting and dynamic one but it’s also one that needs to be underpinned by relevant qualifications.

These days, in a highly competitive environment such as the building and construction sector, issues such as occupational health and safety (OH&S) and compliance are more important than ever. The Australian market requires a high level of finished product, and needs the skilled professionals that can make this happen, on budget, to deadline and to the accepted standards.

In addition, that “piece of paper” is important these days because the Building Act 1993 requires that anyone working for clients in building and construction, where more than one trade is involved and for work valued $5,000 or more, must be a registered builder. And with homeowners and other clients in the building arena now aware that they need to hire a registered builder, many budding builders, including Richmond Footballers Sam Lloyd, Jack Riewoldt and Bachar Houli are all undertaking Certificate IV in Building and Construction courses as the vital first step in their career.

The big plus about doing a nationally recognised course like the Certificate 4 in Building & Construction is that it can lead to such a wide range of employment opportunities in the building and construction industry. It’s also tailored for different levels of experience, as, depending on their track record to date, different students will each have their own skills and know-how to bring to the course, from minimal industry experience to having worked on many different jobs.


Hands-on building certificate training

  • Classroom learning matched with on-site training
  • Learning environment just like a building site

Formal qualifications such as Cert IV Building and Construction ensure you’ll get a rounded education that gives you the skills and systems to do your job to the best professional level possible.

These days the belief is that ‘hands-on’ training along with classroom learning provides the best way of acquiring the right skills (quickly and successfully). A good learning environment usually looks pretty much like a live building site. It will include several trades from carpentry, through to bricklaying, plumbing and electrical workings operating alongside each other, either at the same time or as part of a coordinated schedule. For students working towards their Cert IV Building and Construction site access and operation, along with OH&S regulations are exactly the same as they would be on a real building site. Students work in their specialist area while also gaining a firm handle on the role of other trades and how the industry as a whole operates. There’s also a strong focus on teamwork.

Offering hands-on modules that give students the skills to build a full scale building from scratch, the Cert IV Building and Construction means you’ll be totally confident and job ready once you walk onto your first building site.


Skills beyond the job site

  • Beyond the site, you’ll learn all the legal and business nuts and bolts
  • The Certificate 4 in Building and Construction teaches much more than just on-site skills though…

You may be passionate about construction in general, or working with timber or concrete, or nutting out the electrical requirements of a building. Or you may just be attracted to the flexibility and variety offered by your choice of career. However there are many ‘hidden’ aspects of working in building and construction beyond what happens on site.

If you decide to work for yourself, you may need to write a business plan; you’ll also need to know everything there is to know about insurance – depending on the nature of your work and whether you employ workers directly, you may need several types of business insurance – general liability, vehicle and property insurance. You’ll need to understand and interpret building plans. You’ll also need an understanding of building & construction industry regulations, occupational health and safety and maybe even the ins and outs of hiring labour.

Designed either to give people an entry into the industry or for those working in building & construction who are interested in becoming registered builders, the Certificate IV in Building and Construction will give you a handle on all of these aspects of the building and construction trades. It will also give you all the skills you need if you’re a builder or a manager in a small to medium sized building business.

What does the TIV Certificate IV in Building & Construction include?

  • Course is made up of 16 units of competence
  • Previous experience means you may get a RPL for some units

Structured around a mix of classroom study and onsite training, the course is made up of 17 Units of Competence. Out of these 16 go towards the formal Certificate IV in Building & Construction, while one additional unit is designed to add value to a future application to become a registered builder. Those with prior experience may be able to get a RPL for the skills they already possess.


A solid construction certificate learning environment

  • Investment in outstanding facilities
  • Strong emphasis on teamwork
  • Students transformed into solid, confidence professionals

A lot of people perceive the building and construction industry as a tough, hardscrabble one. However TIV’s Certificate IV in Building and Construction along with the other courses, shows that, while you do need grit and determination to work in this industry, teamwork, support and the opportunity to learn in the best environment possible are also highly valued.

TIV CEO John MacDonald says the institute’s commitment to its students is evident in the significant investment it has made in the learning environment. Anyone visiting TIV is “always highly impressed with the facilities,” he says.

He describes the learning culture as very much like a family and is proud of TIV’s track record in taking budding builders and turning them into “mature people who are ready to take their place in the workforce.”


Student feedback points to promising career

  • “Excellent” trainers
  • Great building skills learning
  • Solid grounding in ‘non-site’ business skills
  • Confidence to be a successful builder

But you don’t have to take John’s word for it!

If there are any question marks about the value of undertaking the Certificate 4 in Building and Construction, it might be worth having a read of what students of the course have said about it.

Here are just a few of the comments from recent and former students:

“The trainers were excellent, very friendly, accommodating and helpful. I’d recommend it to anybody, whether you’re a plumber, a bricklayer, a carpenter, a concreter or an electrician, you really should do this course…”

“The course was a great way to get a good understanding of the whole process and how all the trades work together.”

Another former student comments that the course also provides an understanding of the administrative aspects of building, “the legal side of building, how to read plans, how to write a business plan, which is obviously a big part of starting your own business.”

“Doing cert four has opened my eyes as to what I have to do to become a builder. We get a hands-on experience with this course…”

“This course gives me the classroom based learning that I need, along with the visual learning.”

“My plan at the end of this is to be a builder and I feel the way I’m going, that I’m going to be a successful builder, because I’ve been taught, right from the word go, the way it should be done.”

It’s clear that TIV’s certificate iv in building and construction gives professionals of all skills levels the confidence to pursue their career goals in the industry.

Once you’ve worked through the course, you’ll be self-reliant enough to undertake work in your chosen area of the building & construction industry. You may even end up running your own business!

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