Despite the impacts of COVID-19, a record 127,792 building permits were issued in 2021, worth $44.6 billion. This was a 12.7 per cent increase compared to 2020 and a 25.3 percent increase compared to 2019, the last pandemic-free year.
Building work is work associated with the construction, renovation, improvement or maintenance of a building (Residential and Commercial).

As a guide, Builders Registration in the construction industry can vary from individual to individual based on different skills, experience and other factors.

How TIV Can Support You

TIV has developed programs to support you navigate the Victorian Building Authority’s builder registration process. You can select
one or more of our programs depending on your needs.

Review our options below:


Let TIV help complete your application and portfolio, and have it ready for the VBA.

Test Questions

Test your knowledge with TIV’s test questions, explanations during your interview and work on plan and design worksheets

Simulated Interview

Undertake a simulated interview with a Registered Builder up to 3 hours using your Application, Portfolio, Interview and Feedback

Free Quiz

Test yourself with our free quiz on Builders Registration to see if you are ready.
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NCC 2019 Volume 1

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NCC 2019 Volume 2

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TIV Qualifications You Will Need To Become A Registered Builder


CPC40120 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction

Designed to meet the needs of aspiring builders in low rise residential and commercial construction.
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CPC50220 – Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) 

Designed for Certificate IV graduates who aspire to be builders in medium-rise residential and commercial construction.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Long Does It Take To Become A Registered Builder?

    This depends on you. You will need to prepare an application and a portfolio of your projects for the exam. It will also depend on your experience, qualifications in the industry and which class of Builder Registration you intend to be.

    How Often Will I Need To Attend Class?

    There is no class time. You will be able to prepare at home and you can organise face to face time with your trainer.

    To organise call 9399 9511 to make an appointment or email

    Do You Have A Checklist For The Portfolio?

    Yes, after purchasing the application and portfolio review package, a checklist will be provided to help you prepare.

    What Are The Minimum Requirements of Builder Registration?

    Despite the many categories available for Builder registration, there are minimum requirements that are the same across all categories. These are:

    • Three projects from your building project work that best demonstrate your experience in the relevant components of domestic building work. You will need to provide evidence documents for each project, including technical referee/s to verify your experience.
    • Completion of an application with all the necessary proof of your experience
    What Are Some Items You Will Need For Builders Registration?
    • Photos on site (on site experience)
    • Plans/Drawings (on site experience)
    • Permits (on site experience)
    What Are The Steps To Becoming A Registered Builder In Victoria?

    These are the 3 key steps that you will be required to undertake to satisfy the VBA’s registration process to become a builder in Victoria.

    Step 1

    • Fill out an application form from VBA from the relevant builder practitioner class that you want to register for.
      • Complete registration application form.
      • Complete Technical Referee Report.

    Step 2

    • Undertake an in-person computer-based examination at VBA. This usually includes 70 online multiple choice questions as well as testing of your plan reading skills. Questions are based on the National Construction Codes, Australian Standards for Building and Construction, Acts and Regulations.

    Step 3

    • Attend an interview with an VBA assessor. These interviews can run from 2-4 hours and will include more questions relating to your knowledge and experience, as well as your ability to read building plans. Having a portfolio that supports your experience is recommended.
    Is Registration As A Builder Necessary?

    As part of the reforms introduced to the building industry in 2017, it is now necessary to register as a builder if undertaking certain types of work.

    Registration with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) is necessary for anyone:

    • Undertaking domestic building work that costs more than $10,000 including material and labour costs.
    • Carrying out re-blocking, re-stumping, demolition work or any work that involves the removal of a home regardless of cost.
    • Providing more than one type of building work (eg brick laying and painting) that costs more than $10,000 including material and labour costs.
    What Are The Different Classes Of Builder Registration

    There are a variety of different registrations, depending on the type of building work intended to be undertaken. The most common types of builder registrations are:

    • Domestic Builder (Limited)
    • Domestic Builder (Unlimited)
    • Commercial Builder (Limited)
    • Commercial Builder (Unlimited)

    Even under the above broad categories, there are further types of registration. For example, the Domestic Builder (Limited) has 20 sub-categories which include things like carpentry, construction of structural landscaping and roof tiling. Whilst, Commercial Builder (Limited) has 8 classes. It is always advised that you check with the VBA about the exact requirements for the registration you are after.

    What Qualifications Help You Get Registered as a Builder?

    First and foremost, TIV has amazing courses like the CPC40120 – Certificate IV in Building and Construction that covers most of the knowledge requirements to gain your registration. Combined with 3 years practical experience, this course is considered one of the most reputable ways to obtain registration.

    For those applying to become a Domestic Builder (Unlimited) or Commercial Builder (Limited to Low Rise or Medium Rise), the CPC50220 – Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) is the ideal qualification. Again, this covers most of the knowledge requirements for this level of registration.

    Are There Government Incentives Available For This Program?

    No,  Government Incentives are not available.